AGS-11/3 Aerosol Fire Extinguisher

AGS-11/3 Aerosol Fire Extinguisher
6 m3 20 sec 1,35 kg


DESIGN: AGS-11/3 aerosol fire extinguisher generate dry aerosol cloud which extinguishes fire upon reaching necessary concentration in protected volume. AGS-11/3 aerosol fire extinguisher has steel cylinder body with nozzle gap around the side surface of the body. Despite compact size AGS-11/3 aerosol fire extinguisher has protected volume 6 m3. Outer aerosol stream temperature is lowered by air cooling.

OPERATION: Electric signal activates the starter installed inside aerosol fire extinguisher which ignites the aerosol forming cartridge. Aerosol cartridge produce large volume of fire extinguishing aerosol streaming through the cooling layer and coming out of fire extinguisher through the nozzle. Thanks to its unique properties aerosol stops the fire and prevents following reignition.

APPLICATION: AGS-11/3 is recommended for the protection of electronic equipment, electric cabinets, high-voltage power installations, various stationery or moving high-frequency devices, as well as vehicles, since it corresponds to the requirements for vibration loads on railway, road and air transport.

WARRANTY: Manufacturer guarantees that fire extinguisher conforms to declared technical specs and standards if the consumer strictly follows the Instruction Manual.

Warranty period – 18 months
Operation life – 5 years
Service life – 10 years

Technical Information

  • Basic specs
    Fire classes     
    Protected volume 6 m3
    Operating time 15 — 26 sec
    Net Weight of extinguisher 1,35 kg
    Net Weight of aerosol forming compound 0,3 kg
    Overall dimensions
    Diameter 135 mm
    Height 85 mm
    Starter type Internal UZ-7.5
    Starter electric impedance 7,5 Ohm
    Starting impulse minimum current 1A
    Starting impulse voltage 12 – 24 V
    Starting impulse duration Not less than 1,5 sec
    Startup delay < 2,5 sec
    Operating conditions
    Temperature ± 50 °С
    Humidity up to 98 %
    Acceleration at frequency range up to 100 Hz 0,5g



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