AGS-5 Red Grenade™

Our unique manual generator AGS-5 RED GRENADE™‚ is unsurpassed solution for fast operational use. It may be applied at home, in the garage, office, warehouse or commercial premise and on any public or private transport to eliminate fire in seconds.

Applicable even by untrained civilians immediately upon the fire detection, suppressing or eliminating the fire at all. Helps saving valuable time before professional firefighting crew arrival at the location.

АGS-5 is the aerosol fire extinguishing generator of operation application, meant for liquidation of fires of class 2, subclass A2, containing fires of subclass A1 indoors, including premises with cables, electrical installations, electrical equipment under the voltage (up to 40kV) and enables execution fire extinguishing without the need of presence in the premise.

Upon the actuation of the activation unit, the generator launches with after 5-7 second delay which is sufficient for throwing the generator safely into the premise on fire. As the activity of the generator AGS-5 is carried out without any people present, the impact of danger factors of fires on a person (such as high temperature, smoke, falling-down threats, electric current trauma, and so on) being considerably reduced or generally excluded.

The generators AGS-5 have all the required certificates, and have passed the composite of extensive tests in the Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Fire Defense under Russian Ministry of Interior, so they have recommended the AGS-5 for inclusion into fire-fighters’ equipment list.

See the video of the field test of AGS-5 Red Grenade