NOTIFIER Integrated Alarm & Control System


Salamandra Safety engineering department can develop the project for fixed installation of any scale and complexity using our aerosol generators and fire alarm automatic systems from various vendors. Our automatic systems are being installed in private, commercial and industrial sectors for years and have proved its effectiveness with excellent track record. Among our latest developments are unique automatic systems for fire extinguishing for smart homes and cars (private, commercial, industrial), and oil tanks (industrial). We have a number of typical projects for immediate installation. If you need us to develop your project please feel free to send us details and our sales will contact you for further communication.

As a system integrator Salamandra Safety rely on its proven international core vendors such as Notifier by Honeywell and several others sourcing all classes of automatic fire detection/alarm and control systems. There are following main sectors where we can suggest our expertise to fulfill our customer's project requirements.

NOTIFIER, a world leading manufacturer of commercial fire alarm systems and technology, is committed to improving fire and life safety by developing cutting-edge fire detection products that enable a faster, more intelligent response to fire emergencies.

Control Panels

NOTIFIER's line of fire alarm control panels features advanced smoke sensing technology to speed response times and reduce nuisance alarms. Find out about ONYX® Series, Classic Intelligent Control Panels, Voice Evacuation Systems, and Conventional Control Panels.

Emergency Voice Communication Systems

In a wide scale emergency, keeping people informed is critical to keeping them safe. Notifying more people of a dangerous and potentially life threatening situation can prevent further injuries and save more lives. Such situations require an emergency communications system to broadcast live, up-to-the minute emergency information to everyone in a building, campus, or multiple facilities spread across a city, state…even the globe.


With the power of our NOTI•FIRE•NET intelligent fire alarm network and ONYXWorks fire and security integration platform, you can unite and protect multiple facilities throughout a city, across the country, or worldwide over a single network.


NOTIFIER’s integrated systems platforms unite NOTIFIER systems with other security, card access, and CCTV systems as well as competitors’ fire alarm control panels over a single network.


NOTIFIER offers a complete line of peripheral devices for use with its fire alarm systems, including intelligent sensors and control points, conventional initiating devices, and notification appliances.